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What Success Looks Like – To You

As we make our way into another new year, many of us have resolved to be more successful at something: from losing weight to increasing income, the list of possibilities seems endless, as does the optimism. Yet, as we make our way into the second month of the year, some 80% of those resolutions have …


The Expectation Trap

Holding expectations of others is entirely normal, natural, and rational. Based on experience, you should be able to predict with some level of accuracy the reactions of people you know to a given situation. When the behavior you anticipate is unrealistic however, you set yourself up to fall into the expectation trap – a place …


What are Your Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are those closely held convictions which constrain you in some way. Just by believing them, you do not think, do or say the things that they inhibit and, simply by holding them so closely, you diminish yourself and impoverish your life. More than anything, your limiting beliefs will destroy your self-esteem, ruining your …


Limiting Beliefs are Limiting Your Success

Limiting beliefs are those thoughts which you may hold very dear, yet which also constrain you in some way. Because you believe them, you will not think, do, or say the things these thoughts inhibit. You may have beliefs about rights, duties, abilities, and permissions that restrain you from taking action, or from accepting action …


Marketing Conversations that Lead to Conversions [Part 2]

Knowing how to talk about what you do is as important as knowing exactly what you can offer to potential clients. If you truly dread having a “marketing” or “sales” conversation with a potential client, the most likely reason is because you’ve never been properly trained in the mechanics of holding – and controlling – …


5 Tips for New Year’s Resolution Success

Is it too early for a post about how to succeed at making your New Year’s resolution? After all, most articles and posts about the annual drive to make changes in life show up around January 1st, and usually after that. Well, since most people fail miserably at realizing their annual goals, it’s time to …


5 More Tips to Better Communication

While it may seem obvious it must still be said that, the key to success in both your business and personal lives is building relationships. Likewise, the key to building relationships is better communication. After all, relationships do not exist in a vacuum; rather, they exist between two emotional human beings who bring their own …


Marketing Conversations that Lead to Conversions [Part 1]

If there is one thing I’ve learned from working with emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners, they have little to no idea what sales and marketing are about! For those with an inkling, they rarely understand how to make it effective for their emerging business – especially when it comes to Internet Marketing and Making …


Entrepreneur Character Traits for Success

What are the character traits of a successful entrepreneur? This is apparently a trick question, since even the “experts” at can’t come up with a single list. According to one author, there are 10 traits that are critical to entrepreneurial success, while another swears there are 7 that are needed to be successful. And, …


Goal Setting – A Practical Guide to Success

It’s almost impossible to spend time on the internet at the end of each year and NOT read something about goal setting; whether for your personal or professional life. These days, the words “goal setting” have become the catchphrase of every personal coach, life coach, health coach, and business coach, career coach or professional coach …

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