The Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Comes Belief

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Comes Belief

Entrepreneurs are a little bit different than “regular folks.” For them, the world is filled with opportunities rather than challenges; with diverging paths to success instead of road blocks; with possibilities in place of doubts. This is a powerful perspective on the world, and the entrepreneurs place in it – what we call the “Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

Here’s another way to look at it:

“Your business is a product of how you, its creator, think about it: what it sells, what it does, how it does it, who your people are, and how you help them grow.” (

Yet, it’s even more than that, isn’t it?

Find Your Calling

For the entrepreneur, first comes belief – in a vision and a mission – but also in Self; the belief that an individual really can make a difference, and that YOU are the one who is called to do so.

As an entrepreneur, you are called to help others. Your mission is to help your clients set and reach goals that improve their health, their lives, and/or their businesses, and your vision is to build a better world by doing so – making a positive impact by helping others make an equally positive impression on their clients and the world.

Being able to do that requires the belief that you have something extraordinary to offer, something beyond merely helping your clients make more money or lose more weight, something remarkable that they cannot find elsewhere.

What are those things you have to offer?

  • You’re a positive force for improvement.
  • You believe in sharing abundance.
  • You believe in the Law of Attraction.
  • Your goals for helping are clear and actionable.
  • Your life and work reflect your passion.
  • You’re engaged, empathetic, and supportive.
  • Your commitment to meeting the needs of your clients never wavers.

This is the type of mindset that leads to entrepreneurial success. This is the type of person that those who seek your help are crying out for. This is the person who, on a daily basis, recommits to all of the characteristics outlined above.

What do you think of this description of the entrepreneurial mindset? Is it accurate, in your experience? Did I miss anything that you believe an entrepreneur needs to be a successful coach? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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