Finding Your Ideal Client – What Are Your Core Values?

Finding Your Ideal Client – What Are Your Core Values?

There was a time when it seemed like all you had to do was create an online space for your business and customers would find you. (FYI… It only seemed that way, though.) Now however, internet marketing is far more refined and there are a multitude of strategies that you can employ for finding your ideal client and doing business with them.

While it seems counter-intuitive, today’s online marketing does not rely on customers finding you – it relies on you attracting them.

Finding Your Niche Will Attract the Right Clients

“Back in the day,” as they say, you could reasonably expect to be found by potential customers by opening a shop on a major road and hoping for drive-by business to get you started. This might be followed by word-of-mouth promotion from satisfied clients, with some local advertising used to develop new business.

That’s not the way marketing works on the internet!

Online marketing in the 21st Century is far more proactive than traditional marketing tended to be. In fact, it tends to be both benefits-based and values-based, which requires that you seek out like-minded people and promote yourself to them.

  • Benefits-based marketing – Generally, your ideal client will have just one question you need to answer for her, “How does your solution help me?” Answering that question again and again should be the focus of your content strategy.
  • Values-based marketing – It’s up to you to develop the core values that you want to reflect in your marketing, as a way to attract the right kind of customer for your business.

People are most comfortable doing business with those who think like them and who are able to help them. Shared values will go a long way toward opening the minds of prospects to the solutions you have to offer. This will enable you to present your solutions in a more positive, more helpful way. Addressing these two factors will move you far more than half-way toward making the sale.

You need to understand who you’re talking to, yes. But you don’t just accept who you find – you choose who to attract as your ideal client.

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