Download a sample chapter from Dr. Brad’s newly released book,
The Poppie Factor:

Chapter: "My Epiphany"

Dr. Poppie is a renowned serial entrepreneur with a passion not only for the “game” of business but also for empowering those who want to take the plunge from traditional employment to being the CEOs of their lives.

By catering to a vast array of audiences, Dr. Poppie relentlessly structures his speeches to not only captivate, but to motivate with take-away points that people can actually implement in their own lives and business endeavors.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for a specific audience, Dr. Poppie has the ability to customize a new presentation that is tailored specifically to that audience and fulfills any need within your organization.

Dr. Poppie has several popular customized presentations …..
a sampling of which are listed below:

#1 — How To Identify Your Passions
To Ensure Success

There is no university for passion, purpose or success. In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, societal norms typically dictate who we are and what we should become. They essentially paint the portrait of our lives. The term “life happens” becomes accepted. As a result, most people never achieve their dreams or become what – as kids – they imagined they would become.

This inspiring speech explores the mindset required to break away from constraining societal norms and understand who you are as an individual so that you can identify where you are going in life.

This speech results in engaged audience members who are inspired to discover their passions and become self-experts in understanding what they need to develop within themselves in order to be successful.

#2 — Effective Business Communication
To Sell Yourself Every Time

Today’s society has succumbed to the detriment of texting, emailing and non-verbal communication. This has essentially stunted individuals from learning the effective communication skills necessary for everything from landing their dream jobs to closing deals in the boardroom. This lack of proper communication disables the businessperson from effectively selling themselves in raising the bar and achieving what they want.

Dr. Poppie examines the root of why these two crucial elements are not actively practiced along with effective strategies to prepare those who want to work their way up the rankings in their organization and position themselves to dominate their competition.

This speech results in audience members who are thoroughly prepared to take simple steps in everyday life to immediately improve their business confidence.

#3 — Go With Your Gut To Make Crucial Decisions and
Establish Laser Focus To Capitalize

Far too often we suffer from over-analyzing when making a life or business decision. You typically either end up making the wrong overall decision, watching an opportunity pass you by or settling for someone else making the decision for you because you didn’t trust your gut instinct. This act of prolonged deciphering and analyzing results in a misdirected focus that inhibits you from “striking while the iron is hot” and moving on to bigger and better possibilities.

This speech informs audience members of how overanalyzing is literally stunting their professional growth and emphasizes how split decisions need to be made with laser focus. Audience members will emerge with a new understanding of why their own lives are not moving in the direction they’ve always intended. They discover how to restructure their focus patterns in order to get back on track and live the lives about which they’ve always dreamed.

The outcome of this speech will be an audience empowered with the confidence to regain control of its decision-making ability and stop the suffering from analysis paralysis.

#4 — The Magic Of Thinking Big To
Develop Unstoppable Momentum

Do you ever wonder why so many people live in mediocrity? Many of these individuals suffer from an intense a fear of failure and don’t allow themselves to think BIG. As a result, they never push the envelope to conquer certain hurdles or achieve the unimaginable. Without thinking BIG, one can never develop the momentum required to sustain a competitive business and achieve growth.

Dr. Poppie will address the common reasons why the general public succumbs to mediocrity. More importantly, he will transform the mind to think BIG and accept nothing less in life. The audience will be prepared to leverage old school thoughts and open the doors to achieving that next breakthrough moment.

The outcome of this speech will audience members who understand the mediocre constraints of society and know how to both elevate their thought processes and to unleash their human potential to the fullest in order to get to the top of their game.