Establishing Laser Focus

Establishing Laser Focus

The ability to focus in today’s society has become increasingly difficult. With the birth and progression of the Internet and social media, we have learned that we can get pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want it. In some instances, this is good because it can significantly speed up the process of finding useful information or purchasing goods online. On the other hand, I believe that the instant gratification that the Internet brings to our lives has put a damper on our ability to create and obtain certain goals and stints our development of laser focus to achieve long-term success.

Developing laser focus is imperative in making sure your goals and dreams come to fruition. If you take a bow and arrow and shoot the arrow at a target 50 yards away, you must have perfect aim to hit the bulls-eye. If your aim is just one-eighth of an inch off, by the time the arrow reaches the target, you’ll find that it arrives off course or misses the target entirely. Perhaps part of why you might be missing the target, however, is because of extraneous distractions. The only thing that differentiates the best archers in the world is their ability to tune out distractions and focus on the bull’s eye.

Establishing Laser Focus

Life moves at a faster pace today. It requires people to focus at a much higher level than before. There are still only 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year, regardless of the complexity or the number of the distractions that you have to deal with.

Your distractions may come in many different forms. They can plague your day and cause tremendous stress and anxiety. If they aren’t dealt with, you can easily set your day, week, month, or even year up to be woven with un-fulfillment or even disaster.

To combat the overwhelming amount of distractions in our everyday lives, it’s critical that we work smarter, not harder. Everyone has a certain bandwidth in which they can focus optimally. Do you know what your optimal range is? Some have the ability to focus for an hour, others may be able to endure multiple hours at any given time with no break. Recognize your bandwidth and structure your day so that you tackle your most important tasks during your optimal time frame.

Ideally, your optimal time frame will be first thing in the morning. When you get up and the day begins, distractions are inevitable—they will soon fill up your day if you let them. However, if you tackle the big, difficult, troublesome, and “must do” tasks first, then the other extraneous responsibilities can fill in the cracks after the important ones have been addressed. If tackling the important things is not made a priority, you let your distractions take over. In effect, you procrastinate completing essential tasks and postpone achieving your goals. You are choosing not to utilize your valuable, precious time.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

When it comes to business, many entrepreneurs attempt to focus their time and attention on multiple businesses throughout the day. Initially, that sounds exciting—the “many businesses” part. Yet, many businesses on your plate at the same time may not be a good thing. Your scattered focus can end up being detrimental to your overall success. Why? One of your businesses that might have the true potential to be a huge success ends up lacking the tender loving care that is needed to make it great. Why is that? Because you are spreading your time and expertise too thin by not focusing 100 percent on that business. The outcome might be multiple under-performing businesses that may or may not thrive.

Our human brain functions best when it focuses on one thing at a time. reports that multiple cognitive studies have shown that people of all ages perform worse when juggling tasks. University students who report that they spend more hours concurrently consuming multiple forms of media (Internet, mobile) actually perform worse on tests that assess their ability to switch from one task to the next. They also show that frequent media multitaskers have a harder time ignoring external distractions. For older adults, multitasking led to recollection lapses of what was being worked on previously.

Translating this into your business means that you want one company to occupy your brain at a time. You want it to have your primary focus and support. The success secret is to develop laser focus on that one business system until it’s self-sustainable and thriving.

When your actions have a purpose, positive energy, and focus, you will get the results that you desire. Free your mind of distractions and you will be well on your way to establishing laser focus, goal achievement, and hitting the bull’s eye every time.

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