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Why You’re Delegating Wrong and How to do it Right!

Why You’re Delegating Wrong and How to do it Right! When I became a doctor and started practicing, I knew I wanted to own my own business one day. In 2002 I took the leap and opened up my first practice. Soon, I found out that the basic business principles I had learned from my …


Four Key Steps to Ensure Success

When I started my first business, I developed four key steps to ensure my success. They worked exponentially and have since enabled me to expand my physical therapy practice across the United States and create various other companies in diverse industries including apparel, commodities, real estate and hospitality. Without first envisioning my success and then …


Defining Your Role as a Leader

The concept of leadership can be so broad as to be meaningless, or the definition so narrow that trying to identify yourself as an effective leader can at best be confusing, and often impossible. As human beings, it’s always helpful to clearly identify the roles we’re expected to play – whether by others or ourselves …


Can You Afford to Trust Your Gut? You Can’t Afford Not To!

“Your gut is typically what you want, believe in, and trust.” – Brad Poppie If you can’t trust your gut, you’re typically in for a world of hurt, whether we’re talking about business or daily life. Believe it or not, gut decisions formulate most of your decisions throughout the day. If you actually had to …


Dream Big for Big Success

Everyone has hopes and dreams for their life, and for their family. After all, when you think about it, life is about striving; putting forth the effort necessary to not just survive, but to prosper. Striving successfully requires goal setting and achievement and, the bigger the goals, the more we can achieve. I mean, shooting …


Effective Leaders Are Positive Role Models

If you asked any number of people what the word “leadership” means to them, you’re likely to receive an equal number of answers. For many, because of their experiences in life, sports, and work, the idea that leaders should be positive role models will never enter their minds. Although extensive research has been done in …