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Sharpening Your Business Vision

As an entrepreneur, creating a vision for your business involves generating a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your values, goals, and aspirations. Having a strong vision of your hoped-for future will give your business a clear focus, and can stop you …


5 Ways to Start Delegating More Effectively

5 Ways to Start Delegating More Effectively The meaning of delegation is to assign responsibility and authority to someone in order to complete a clearly defined task while you, the delegator, retain ultimate responsibility for its success. Many business owners and new leaders fall into the detrimental thought process of “no one can do it …


Breaking the Monotony

Breaking the Monotony Remember back to carefree days when you were a kid and everything seemed to be fun and exciting? Time flew by and each and every year that you progressed in school seemed to get shorter and shorter. Then as you graduated from either high school or college, “life” happened and as time …


Building Credibility Part 2

Building Credibility Part 2 Credibility: You know it when you see it. In Building Credibility Part One we talked about credibility as a whole and the first two elements that strengthen your credibility; likability and judgment. People respect and want to follow likable people, and when leaders portray good judgment, it strengthens the loyalty others …


Building Credibility Part 1

Building Credibility Part 1 Your credibility is only as high as others perceive it to be. If you were to be asked the definition of credibility, you might not be able to formulate an exact definition. You might say, “I just know it when I see it,” much like you may think someone is friendly, …


Going with your Gut – Are you on the right path?

FOLLOW THE PATH OR CREATE YOUR OWN? Adults today change careers every three to five years. In our society, they are often chasing the next best thing or trying to figure out what they are good at. At one point or another, they will reach a crossroads to choose whether to pursue something that is …