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Elevating Your Network

Once you have mastered the personal interaction between yourself and your clients, it’s now time to take your brand to even bigger horizons.   A huge area of focus should be put on positioning yourself online. In today’s society, people find and acknowledge you online. If you are not found online through a Google search, …


4 Ways to Sell Your Personal Brand

4 Ways to Sell Your Personal Brand 80 percent of the population believe that only people in sales need to be able to sell themselves and/or their product. The other 20 percent of the population, believe that selling themselves is imperative to succeed in whatever they are trying to accomplish, regardless of if they are …


Building Credibility Part 1

Building Credibility Part 1 Your credibility is only as high as others perceive it to be. If you were to be asked the definition of credibility, you might not be able to formulate an exact definition. You might say, “I just know it when I see it,” much like you may think someone is friendly, …


The Power of Thinking BIG

The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. —Henry Ford Is Henry Ford correct? Is his quote relevant? And if it is correct, how can both of these men be right? The answer is simple and comes from within. Each man is right because his response is …


Why You’re Delegating Wrong and How to do it Right!

Why You’re Delegating Wrong and How to do it Right! When I became a doctor and started practicing, I knew I wanted to own my own business one day. In 2002 I took the leap and opened up my first practice. Soon, I found out that the basic business principles I had learned from my …