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Discovering Your Passion

Discovering Your Passion Talent is something you are born with but skill is something that takes years of nurturing to master. How do you master your skill? By beating on your craft over and over again for a sustained period of time. What is your craft? Well, that’s up to you, but let me try …


Four Key Steps to Ensure Success

When I started my first business, I developed four key steps to ensure my success. They worked exponentially and have since enabled me to expand my physical therapy practice across the United States and create various other companies in diverse industries including apparel, commodities, real estate and hospitality. Without first envisioning my success and then …


Where Are You Headed? Create a Conscious Vision for Your Life

What is a conscious vision for living? If there is one thing virtually every person has in common, it’s this: We are always, to some degree, thinking about our future. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we spend time nearly every day thinking about where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading; literally, creating a …


Tips for Entrepreneurial Success: What is Success?

In the second chapter of my book, The Poppie Factor, I explore the subject of success, offering my definition of it, and explaining what it takes to get there. (Get your free copy of Chapter 1 here.) The first thing I’ve learned is this: The meaning of success can differ greatly from one person to …


The Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Positive Path to Success

No matter what your situation may be, from starting a new business to growing or restructuring an existing business, you simply MUST get your mind right before trying anything else; developing what I’ve labeled the entrepreneurial mindset. As it turns out, a positive mindset is the key to success and happiness. Too many people believe …


Tips for Entrepreneurial Success: Stop Trading Dollars for Hours

In first chapter of my book, The Poppie Factor, I talk about “My Epiphany,” the time in my life that I overcame the traditional model for earning a living… trading time for money. (Get your free copy of Chapter 1 here.) For an entrepreneur looking to make six figures, this mindset is not only extremely …