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Online Marketing Tip – Overcoming the Impersonal Internet

In a face-to-face encounter with a prospective client, you have the luxury of being able to engage on a personal level; to qualify them in depth, and gauge their reactions to your sales pitch in real time. This is not the case with online marketing, thanks to the inherently impersonal nature of the internet. Overcoming …


Content Marketing – How to Create an Effective Strategy

Content marketing is all about appealing to your ideal customer, by creating the impression that you, and your products or services, are the best choice for them. A content marketing strategy is mapping out the overall plan for what the content creators should be creating and spreading to reach that end. And finally, the goal …


Blog Writing Tips – How to Write a Great “How to” Blog Post & Get More Readers

Just FYI… You’re not the only super-busy person out there these days! Say what? Yeah, it turns out, everyone is busy, which is exactly why we/they tend to seek out tips, tricks, and methods to make things better, easier, faster, and ultimately, happier for ourselves. Focusing on the “better, easier, faster” is the key to …


Emerging Entrepreneurs Marketing Tip: Why You Should Be Blogging

If you’re working with any kind of business coach today, such as an online marketing, internet marketing coach, virtual marketing coach, you’ve surely been told about content marketing. In case you haven’t, it’s a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that …