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Building Credibility Part 2

Building Credibility Part 2 Credibility: You know it when you see it. In Building Credibility Part One we talked about credibility as a whole and the first two elements that strengthen your credibility; likability and judgment. People respect and want to follow likable people, and when leaders portray good judgment, it strengthens the loyalty others …


Goal Setting Essentials

Goal Setting Essentials With a new year right around the corner, it’s that time of year when we all sit down with a plate of left-over holiday treats and resolve that 2018 is the year we’re going to lose that extra 10lbs.  We don’t really set ourselves up for success, do we? But what is …


Mind and Body Connection

A Mind and Body Connection “You must take a total body approach to structuring your life in order to set yourself up for success.” To be successful in any aspect of life, it’s important to consistently play at the top of your game. There will always be those times when an illness, life event, or …


The Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Comes Belief

Entrepreneurs are a little bit different than “regular folks.” For them, the world is filled with opportunities rather than challenges; with diverging paths to success instead of road blocks; with possibilities in place of doubts. This is a powerful perspective on the world, and the entrepreneurs place in it – what we call the “Entrepreneurial …