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Goal Setting Essentials

Goal Setting Essentials With a new year right around the corner, it’s that time of year when we all sit down with a plate of left-over holiday treats and resolve that 2018 is the year we’re going to lose that extra 10lbs.  We don’t really set ourselves up for success, do we? But what is …


4 Ways to Think Your Way to Success

“Think and Grow Rich” —Napoleon Hill As small business owners, we often spend the majority of our days putting out fires and spending our limited time on whatever is urgent to ensure the survival and smooth operation of our businesses. I would be willing to bet that most of us are far more focused internally …


Q1 Goal Setting Check – How is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

It can be truly eye-opening when reality rears its head and runs directly into our preconceptions. For example, an article at PsychCentral.com lets us know that, of all the plans we make for each new year, our resolutions are usually the first to disappear, which is why I think it’s time for a 1st quarter …