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The Power of Humility

There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to get to where I am today without the help of my peers, colleagues, and employees. Is your ego clouding your perspective? Achieving fame, fortune, notoriety, and publicity is certainly a great accomplishment in the eyes of most, yet remaining humble and giving back …


4 Ways to Think Your Way to Success

“Think and Grow Rich” —Napoleon Hill As small business owners, we often spend the majority of our days putting out fires and spending our limited time on whatever is urgent to ensure the survival and smooth operation of our businesses. I would be willing to bet that most of us are far more focused internally …


Where Are You Headed? Create a Conscious Vision for Your Life

What is a conscious vision for living? If there is one thing virtually every person has in common, it’s this: We are always, to some degree, thinking about our future. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we spend time nearly every day thinking about where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading; literally, creating a …


Mindful Living & The Purposeful Life

The way you react to challenges causes stress or peace. While you may not be able to control all of the events that take place in your life, you can choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. Through mindfulness, a conscious bringing of attention to the present moment without judging, it is possible …


Tips for Entrepreneurial Success: What is Success?

In the second chapter of my book, The Poppie Factor, I explore the subject of success, offering my definition of it, and explaining what it takes to get there. (Get your free copy of Chapter 1 here.) The first thing I’ve learned is this: The meaning of success can differ greatly from one person to …


The Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Positive Path to Success

No matter what your situation may be, from starting a new business to growing or restructuring an existing business, you simply MUST get your mind right before trying anything else; developing what I’ve labeled the entrepreneurial mindset. As it turns out, a positive mindset is the key to success and happiness. Too many people believe …