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Reinventing Marketing and Sales Conversations

If there is one thing I’ve learned from working with emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s that they have little to no idea what sales and marketing are about! For those with an inkling, they rarely understand how to make it effective for their emerging business – especially when it comes to Internet Marketing …


Emerging Entrepreneurs and the Fear of Closing the Sale

As mentioned in a previous post, we’ll be discussing how to close a sale in a later post. First though, we should examine why many emerging entrepreneurs and rookie sales people fear closing the sale. In the world of professional sales and sales training, the things a prospect says when they decline to buy are …


Emerging Entrepreneurs and the Fear of Sales Conversations

From products to services and from equities to properties, success in sales requires a particular mindset: Positivity combined with a “Never give up” attitude. For many emerging entrepreneurs however, there is little that appeals less to them than having to actually sell their products or services. The fear of having sales conversations, which involves asking …