Momentum, Brad Poppie

Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum reveals business information that should be mandatory and is not taught in universities and business schools today. Brad Poppie shares his wisdom and knowledge, gained through years of trial testing practices and strategies in his own businesses. He will show you how to avoid getting eaten by the hungry competitive sharks.

For any business to be successful, there are essential elements and beliefs that must be in place. Forming and running a business can deliver personal freedom. Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum will show you how to create something substantial and enjoy the journey along the way. 

• Get the blueprint for growing and sustaining your business

• Identify barriers that block growth and success in your business 

• Implement the steps to maintain momentum for the long haul

Get ready to succeed by building your business’s unstoppable momentum—the momentum that will lead to the freedom of worry about cash flow, growth, and survival that every business faces.

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There are countless books and motivational speakers that profess to have a formula for creating a business, growing a business and succeeding in business. They claim they have a secret … on what success is and how to be successful. Ironically, most talk the walk; few really have walked the walk as completely as Dr. Brad Poppie has.

Download a sample chapter from Dr. Brad’s book,
The Poppie Factor:

Chapter: "My Epiphany"

Within his book, he unveils the steps he took to survive and then thrive once again. He also shares steps and strategies that business men and women need to embed in their thinking – believing behaviors to become successful and maintain it through momentum.

The Poppie Factor will show you how to:

  • Learn the art of being able to create money (and not just ‘make’ money)
  • Think like the rich and sustain this thinking in order to transform your life into what you have always wanted
  • Identify what prevented you from achieving business success and how to redirect your drive with laser focusing to get where you want to be
  • Embrace risks that prevented you from moving forward with your dream
  • Hone your verbal and visual communication skills (these are essential) that will place you ahead of your competition
  • Redefine your goal setting and deliver doable and measurable steps to succeed
  • Resurrect yourself after a business failure

Quite often we are brought up or told that a good work ethic and putting in a hard day’s work was truly the way to financial freedom and wealth. Brad Poppie will show you why that philosophy is wrong and can set you up for failure from reaching your true destiny.

Within The Poppie Factor, he creates a new roadmap that will reset your path to business success. Get ready to think big, live and work your passion and revel in purposeful living.