Poppie Enterprises is the corporate umbrella company to Dr. Brad Poppie’s business ventures including Physical Rehabilitation Specialists, Bradley Allen Apparel, and Langston Press. Poppie Enterprises is dedicated to the success of its customers and employees. Honest business practices and ethical behavior are highly valued.

The New Intrapraneur


Dr. Poppie is a renowned serial entrepreneur with a passion not only for the “game” of business but also for empowering those who want to take the plunge from traditional employment to become the CEOs of their lives.

IRC is designed to project the life-long health care needs on an objective basis for economic loss valuation regarding individuals who have been catastrophically or non-catastrophically injured. Our reports are created by an expert transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who carefully evaluate the needs of each individual client to help optimize their quality of life and minimize future complications arising from their injury..

Originating in 2000, Physical Rehabilitation Specialists has become the most respected personal injury rehabilitation group specializing in the treatment of orthopedic pathology with expert level documentation and testimony.

Bradley Allen is a men’s clothing company that specializes in dress apparel for the muscular build. We provide comfortable, upscale yet affordable dress shirts with design features that provide a tailored and polished fit. We are revolutionizing the fitness apparel industry by providing stylish and well fitting dress shirts to the athletes that don’t typically fit into standard dress-wear.

The Poppie Factor trilogy is designed to guide anyone within the business world ranging from the dreaming entrepreneur to corporate upper management. From his 30+ years of business experience, Dr. Brad Poppie shares his blueprint for starting a successful business, growing and sustaining business momentum, and building a strong team that will carry your business forward.

Langston Press was founded by Dr. Brad Poppie, a serial entrepreneur seeking to fill a need in the business literature world. With an industry that is filled with hoops for business writers to jump through, Dr. Poppie created this company to simplify that process and make publishing a more entrepreneurial-friendly process.

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